Kashmir sapphire rings


Kashmir sapphire rings

We have all varieties of Sapphires from Ceylon, Thailand,Burma and also from Kashmir. The most valuable of sapphire is cornflower blue, known as Kashmir Sapphire or Cornflower blue sapphire.The famous sapphires of Kashmir are mined from a remote region higher in the Fantastic Himalayan mountains of northwestern India. Lying at an elevation of roughly four,500 m, they are situated in the modest Kudi (‘rock’) Valley, near the hamlet of Sumjam (Soomjam), in the Padar (Paddar) region of Kashmir. The district of Zanskar, which has been incorrectly listed as the source of the sapphires, lies just to the north.Right now, Kashmir Sapphires are at the leading of the gemstone hierarchy. The price tag starts one thousand$ @carat onwards.

We are manufacturer of precious gem stones, semi precious gem stones, treasured Lower stones, blue topaz, treasured and semi- valuable gem stone beads, multicolor beads, Emeralds beads. Valuable Lower Stone, Ruby Stone, Emerald Stone, Aquamarine Stone, Amethyst Stone, Semi Treasured Stone Beads, Sapphire Beads, Emerald Beads, Ruby Beads, Fancy Beads,Coloured Diamonds, Loose Diamonds. All Treasured Gem Stones are Licensed, these Gem Stones are categorized into 3 group depending on their top quality,reduce,polishing and clarity

We have full fledged services to make Gold/Silver Rings/Pendants/Bracelet of the offered size, embedded with your Astrological Gem Stone/Birth Stone. It will take all around 3 days time to make them.We are companies of Gold Jewelry studded with Precious and Semi-Treasured Gemstones/Birthstones, diamond &amp colored gem stones, Silver/Gold Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings and all kinds of Stone Beads like amethyst, ametrine, apatite, aquamarine, chalcedony, topaz, onyx, carnelian, citrine, hessonite, iolite.

It is challenging to locate a flawless Blue Sapphire. A excellent Blue Sapphire is smooth and transparent and emits vivid rays, and is with out any dots or spots, this type of stone is deemed most auspicious gemstone. Our Blue Sapphire Beads are Jyotish High quality,i.e. Natural and Certified by Gem Testing Laboratory.Gem Certificate is sent with every buy

We have complete fledged amenities to make Gold/Silver Rings/Pendants/Bracelet of the given size, embedded with your Astrological Gem Stone/Birth Stone.aquamarine, chalcedony, topaz,

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