Hot Air Balloon: Exchanging Wedding Rings


Sizzling Air Balloon: Exchanging Wedding Rings


At the height of 150 meters to contemplate the complete of Nha Trang Bay, groom Nguyen Nam and bride Thu Huong happily exchanged wedding rings in a hot air balloon. The balloon, which is well worth one.two million euros, is bought from France. It is controlled by professionals from Germany, France and Vietnam. 

This is the very first time in Vietnam, a youthful couple have exchanged their wedding ceremony vows on a soft white sandy beach, allured in romantic violin melodies and sunny weekends. Such holy moments took location in a beige hot air balloon in Hon Tam Resort, Nha Trang Bay, which is a single of most gorgeous beaches in the planet. Let us pay a pay a visit to to Vietnam to deeply get pleasure from this kind of a marvelous memory. Beneath are the most authentic and breathtaking photo shoots of the exciting and exclusive wedding from Hon Tam Resort, Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam.


Exchanging wedding ceremony rings in a hot air balloon– an unprecedented event in the globe, just in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam

Much more than 1,000 guests came here to fly in the hot air balloon to see Nha Trang Bay, 1 of the most stunning tourism destinations in the planet, and an exotic view of Nha Trang City

The scorching air balloon, 22 meters in diameter, is covered with 46 pieces of colorful heat and strain resistant plastic

With the sizzling air balloon support at Hon Tam Resort, visitors celebrate private events such as a birthday or exchange wedding ceremony rings while floating over Nha Trang Bay

When visiting Hon Tam Resort, you can excitingly enjoy the legendary elegance and calm your soul to appreciate the useful moments of daily life

The weather here is so fresh with complete of sun lights. Hon Tam Island is surrounded by blue crystal seashores and covered with primitive tropical forests

Hon Tam Resort – Eco Green Island is really an excellent paradise of privacy and peace



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